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Your home insulation may not be the first thing that jumps to mind on a given day. For most homeowners, it is not something that jumps to mind most of the time. But it should be for a variety of reasons.

It turns out that there are more than a few signs that your home insulation is a problem. With the help of Green Earth Spray Foam, you can ensure that you are not only aware when your insulation isn’t performing up to par but when it is time to make a change.

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You See Pests

One of the worst things that a homeowner can deal with is pests of any kind. That is partially because the presence of pests brings with it any number of issues. Stool, urine, food scraps, even chewed materials can wind up causing major problems.

If you see signs of a potential pests, it is time to call in the pros immediately. Perhaps you can hear squeaking and scratching. Or maybe you notice that your old insulation is looking chewed up and worn. When this happens, it is it indicative of a potentially bigger issue that could cost you serious time and money.

When you see signs like feces or urine, stop what you are doing, vacate the space, and call a local insulation specialist to come take a look. Part of the process will involve finding the root of the problem and then determining fast just what the solution may be. Don’t let pests run roughshod on your home.

Shifting and Settling

One of the key reasons that the old fiberglass insulation is no unreliable is because it loses its shape, sags, and loses coverage over time. When there is lost coverage, it makes the insulation less effective than it would have been otherwise.

With enough time, both cellulose and blown-in fiberglass, can settle and leave your attic struggling. When those types of insulation sag and lose their shape, the R-value drops right along with it. That makes your home more prone to air movement, which can make your home more uncomfortable while also contributing to your home’ s higher energy costs.

If you notice that your current insulation is losing shape and coverage, it is time to make the change. Spray foam insulation can ensure greater, more consistent coverage while also helping to improve energy efficiency and even air quality.

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Vents are Blocked

Even insulation requires proper ventilation, particularly in places like the attic. For that reason, it is crucial that the space be well insulated and well vented. Should those vents carrying air out of the attic space become blocked, then airflow won’t work as it should.

Bad air flow also means that the current insulation will come into contact with some form of moisture. The combination of moisture and old fiberglass insulation will almost definitely lead to things like mold and mildew growth.

Professional installers will make sure that your new home insulation has the proper ventilation. You will no have to contend with things like blocked air vents again, ensuring a safer and more comfortable home in the process.

A Professional Installation

There are plenty of reasons why your current home insulation may not be cutting it. If you have come to the decision that it is time for new home insulation, call in the pros in your area today. The team at Green Earth Spray Foam has all the experience and equipment needed to give you better, more efficient home insulation than ever before.

The key to your insulation is that you have insulation professionally installed. With spray foam insulation, you can have peace of mind in knowing that every little nook and cranny will be covered. It will also create the kind of barrier needed to keep air flow to a minimum and ensure that pollutants like moisture can’t make their way inside.

If you aren’t sure about the current state of your home insulation, it is time to find out. Take the steps toward ensuring that your home is as efficient and safe as it can be.

Ice Dams

There is one final indication that your current home insulation is not cutting it. The good thing about most of these is that they usually don’t require you to get into the attic and take a look at the situation closely.

Should the snow on your roof during the winter start to form ice dams, it definitely means that there is an issue with your current home insulation. Ice dams, as well as icicles, form when the snow on your roof melts and eventually runs down to the edge of the roof.

The problem here is that the water will refreeze again. This will only happen if areas of the roof are warmer than 32 degrees (freezing point) but the edge remains below the freezing point. Even worse, ice dams can prove to be a huge problem depending on the size. They can cause serious damage to the gutters as well as your roof. Worst of all, they require more money to be spent in order to get the fix ! It’s not even a permanent fix.

With proper home insulation, the problem of ice dams can be solved. Even better, it will result in that old and inefficient insulation being done away with entirely. With new home insulation, particularly spray foam insulation, you can have peace of mind in knowing that ice dams are a thing of the past.

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For that reason and more, it is time to invest in new insulation for your home today. Contact us or click to learn more about the steps you can take and how quickly you can get spray foam insulation in your home.

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