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If you haven’t heard by now, let us be the first to tell you. Residents and businesses of Huntsville, Alabama are saving a lot of money with spray foam insulation. It’s a major improvement over the fiberglass insulation of the past and a must for improving energy efficiency. For those in the Huntsville area, there is only one pro to handle the job.

Green Earth Spray Foam has the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to get the job done the right way. Consider this your guide for everything concerning spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL.

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What is spray foam insulation?

It helps to first know what spray foam insulation is. Simply put, it is a foam product that can be sprayed in areas like the attic, crawl space, between walls, and under flooring to improve the insulation qualities of those spaces.

The foam comes in two types: open- and closed-cell. Each has its own purposes but there are many inherent advantages to going with spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL. First, let’s take a look at the difference between open- and closed-cell insulation.


The Differences Between Open- and Closed-Cell Spray Foam

The cool thing about open- and closed-cell spray foam is that there are really very few differences, but they are key. Let’s take a look at each and the inherent benefits they offer when it comes to insulating your home.

Open Cell Foam

Foams are considered to be open cell when they have more than half of its cells open. Think of open-cell spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL as something of a spring. When compressed, it returns back to its original state quickly since it has unrestricted air flow. This kind of spray foam insulation is also much more flexible, breathable, conforms to spaces and objects more easily, and is softer to the touch.

  • Lightweight

  • Flexible

  • Retains little or no moisture

  • Better acoustics

Closed Cell Foam

On the other side of the equation is closed-cell foam. This type of foam is where the cells have been closed off by walls. Because they are closed off, they don’t actually connect with any of the other cells. This kind of insulation creates harder, more dense cells that don’t lose their shape even over long periods of time.

  • Waterproof

  • Tear-resistant, quite strong

  • Great barrier properties

The Advantages of Using Spray Foam Insulation in Huntsville, AL

Now that we know about the different kinds of spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL, it is time to learn why it can be advantageous to implement it in your home. There is no shortage of benefits to be had and if you have old, outdated fiberglass insulation, now may be the time to make a change.

Ease of Installation

At the top of the list of reasons to love spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL is because of how easy it is for professionals to install. The team will arrive at your home to mix and apply spray foam insulation when the day comes.

From there, it gets loaded into a sprayer which can be used to project the spray foam insulation into all the desired areas of the home. No matter how tough it is to reach, every nook and cranny will be covered in areas like basements, crawl spaces, and attics.

It is possible for installation to be performed in the matter of hours no matter how comprehensive the space is. That kind of convenience cannot be replicated by any other form of insulation.

Greater Comfort Control

When in your home, you deserve to be comfortable no matter what the temperature may be outside. The problem with that is having subpar insulation. Without spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL, your home can struggle to regulate the temperature in your home.

Thankfully, with professional installation, spray foam can make it easier than ever before to regulate your home’s temperature. This is achieved through better R-value, which regulates how well insulation can redirect UV rays.

When your insulation does a better job of keeping air flow to a minimum, it makes the job of temperature control much simpler. Your HVAC system then does not have to work nearly as hard to compensate, which can extend the life of your HVAC system as well. That’s a two-for-one reason to invest in spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL.

Air Quality is Better

What most homeowners don’t stop to consider is air quality in the home. For those who have asthma or other respiratory issues, a lower air quality can exacerbate those issues and make them a lot more difficult to manage.

The realization that many homeowners need to come to is that air is not the only thing flowing in and out of the home. Pollutants like dust, dander, debris, dirt, and moisture can all get into the home and drastically reduce the quality of the air in your home.

By investing in spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL, you can improve that quality exponentially. Breathing would be easier and there would be a lot fewer pollutants to contend with.

Spray Foam Insulation in Huntsville, AL is Durable

Because there is an upfront cost, it can feel like an investment. When we make an investment in our home, we want to know that it is going to last for a long time to come. One of the best things about spray foam insulation is that it will last you for years, if not decades! To come.

Having spray foam insulation installed in your home can be a sound investment in the future of your home. Unlike fiberglass insulation, which can deflate and become flat with time, spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL will never lose its shape. Because it does not lose its shape, it will not lose its efficiency over time, allowing it to remain more efficient over the decades.

Environmentally Friendly

Many homeowners are looking toward environmental responsibility when making upgrades to their home. The goal is to ensure better efficiency, to save money, and have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Older building materials like fiberglass insulation can not only be quite dangerous to people, but awful for the environment. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint in any way possible, start by changing out your insulation for spray foam insulation.

Creates Moisture Barrier

Water is the bane of every homeowner’s existence. Even a little bit of moisture can wind up playing havoc on any area of the home. Stop any moisture from entering your home before it starts.

Spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL will ensure that a barrier is created that keeps moisture at bay. Water can easily seep in through openings around pipes and vents, which are tougher to cover when using traditional fiberglass insulation.

By using spray foam insulation, those areas will be covered, keeping the water at way. It is also an effective means of keeping rot and bacteria away, which can save you from having to pay for seriously expensive damage.

That’s not even mentioning what happens when fiberglass insulation gets wet. It should be replaced immediately because it poses serious risk to homeowners. With spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL, however, the spray foam will retain its properties regardless of how wet it gets. And because it can push into even the tightest of areas, there is little chance that moisture will get into your home as it is.

Improved Acoustics

Depending on where you live, your home may not be quite as prepared as it should be to keep noise out. What results is far too much ambient noise getting into your home, making it difficult to find a quiet spot anywhere.

Thankfully, through the installation of spray foam insulation, you can improve the acoustics of your home exponentially. That is because spray foam insulation works to reduce sound waves, absorbing them and basically sound-proofing the walls.

Don’t deal with the sounds of loud neighbors and traffic again. Instead, create a quieter home, making it the perfect space for a home office or to relax quietly. If you like to relax and have some privacy from the outdoors, there is no better way than by having spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL installed. You will notice a major difference almost immediately.

Green Earth Spray Foam is your Insulation Specialist

Regardless of which kind of spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL that you choose, you need to be certain that it is being done the right way. The team at Green Earth Spray Foam always delivers quality work.

Before long, you can be on the path to having new spray foam insulation in Huntsville, AL for your home. Improve safety, efficiency, and add value to your home with the right insulation.

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