Pole Barn Insulation Atlanta, GA

Pole Barn Insulation Atlanta, GA

Pole barns, also known as pole buildings, are large agricultural structures that have a high ceiling, wide-open space, and no basement. The frame itself is made from laminated wooden posts and the space itself can be versatile. But an absolute must is pole barn insulation to keep the space’s temperature better regulated.

The key is to have a professional installer in your corner that you can trust. With the help of Green Earth Spray Foam, you can get the pole barn insulation that keeps those wide-open spaces comfortable no matter what time of year or the purpose of the pole barn.

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Why is Pole Barn Insulation Important?

Depending on the use of the pole barn, insulation can be skipped but only in limited situations. If it will be occupied by people for any length of time, then pole barn insulation becomes a mandatory part of the structure.

Being able to regulate temperature can result in serious savings while also ensuring that anyone within remains safe and comfortable. During the extreme temperatures of winter and summer, the thermometer can spike to levels that would be dangerous to spend any amount of time in.

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Pest Control

For a big open space like a pole barn, proper insulation can play more of a role than in simple temperature control. Pests can become a major problem, leading to destruction of property that costs a lot.

You can keep all of those unwanted pests away. They are mostly looking for a warm, safe space where they can make their home. Pole barn insulation seals off the spaces and gaps where they would normally get in, keeping them outside where they belong.

Don’t just assume that a pest problem is simply an annoyance. Depending on the pest in question, there is serious damage that can be done, especially from a structural sense. Save time and money by addressing the problem directly and insulating your pole barn correctly.

Temperature Control

The single most important reason to invest in pole barn insulation is to better regulate temperature. Compared to other structures, pole barns don’t have an HVAC system to help control temperature and keep things comfortable.

There may be fans used to keep things cool in the summer, but a space heater is generally the preferred method for staying warm in the winter. Because of this, there is already an inherent challenge to controlling the temperature of the space.

By installing, that temperature regulation can become a bit easier. You don’t have to struggle to create a cozy space. Proper insulation can make every activity more comfortable.

Moisture Barrier

Moisture is the enemy of every structure. Even the smallest amount of condensation can wind up having a big impact at the end of the day. For metal and wood, it can lead to warping, rotting, and erosion that can lead to structural integrity issues.

Pole barn insulation not only acts as a temperature control vehicle but can also keep moisture out of your structure. Don’t overlook the value of that moisture barrier because it can wind up saving you a lot of time, hassle, and money over the life of your pole barn.

Moisture can also lead to another major issue and that is mold. Moisture left unchecked can cause mold and mildew growth, which can lead to health issues. Investing in pole barn insulation can keep you safe in more ways than you know.

Pole barn insulation green earth spray foam Atlanta GA

Different Forms of Spray Foam Insulation

There are generally two options available when it comes to insulating your pole bar. The standard method uses a closed cell spray foam that goes on the roof deck surface as well as the wall surfaces. For the premium method, you can use a foam board that covers the walls before applying the spray foam.

Standard Installation

The more cost-effective option involves applying the spray foam right to the walls of the pole barn. That generally works for most of the pole barns out there. It also means that, if anything happens, you will not only need to replace the foam but the siding as well.

It is not uncommon for the walls to begin showing a wavy appearance, requiring the replacement of that siding in addition to the spray foam.

Pole barn insulation Atlanta, GA

Premium Installation

There is one major difference between the standard and premium installation and that is the rigid, thin piece of foam board that stands between the walls of the pole barn and the spray foam insulation itself.

Spray foam goes over the board after it has been installed, providing a major benefit that the standard option does not offer. Think of it like this: if there is a dent in the siding, that section can be replaced without any need to replace the insulation in that spot.

Another major benefit to this type of insulation is that metal structures are less susceptible to flexing with persistent exposure to the weather and sunlight. If you want greater longevity out of your pole barn, spending a little more on the board installation can wind up adding years to the pole barn while improving efficiency and temperature control.

Insulate Your Pole Barn with Green Earth Spray Foam

The professionals at Green Earth Spray Foam can help you plan and properly insulate your pole barn. Pole barn insulation can make the space infinitely more comfortable than you ever knew possible.

Don’t deal with a space that fluctuates drastically with the temperature outside. More importantly, don’t handle the installation yourself when you can turn to the professionals instead. See the difference that a quality installation can make on your pole barn.

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